Commitment to Excellence
Since 1981, Griffin Thermal Products has focused on manufacturing the very best high performance aluminum heat exchangers in the industry. Griffin understands that a quality cooling system is critical to the consistent and reliable performance of your engine.

Your purchase of a Griffin means better performance and long-term money savings. Griffin was founded on customer service and satisfaction. We work with you to manufacture the radiator you desire that meets your exact requirements.

The Core Issue
Griffin provides you the right radiator for the right application. You no longer have to accept a radiator that almost meets your needs. The Griffin product line reflects an understanding that cooling demands differ and one size does not fit all. And, because we can make our cores, we are able to engineer, assemble and manufacture virtually any core for any application.

Griffin aluminum radiators are available in many tube and core sizes. Each category of tube and core sizes represents a combination of components that offer unique cooling characteristics. If you need application assistance to help you select the radiator to best suit your requirements, call the Griffin Customer Service Department at 1-800-722-3723.

Manufacturing the Griffin Way

Griffin is dedicated to leadership in the design and manufacture of innovative thermal transfer products for both automotive and normal to severe duty OEM and industrial applications. Skilled craftsmen combine design and technology in 120,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Through continuous research and development, Griffin creates new procedures and processes to more efficiently cool an engine. These innovations include special tube and fin designs; Heli-arc welding for rigid conformity; and vacuum brazing for stronger, more durable units.

Griffin also adds a unique manufacturing step to assure long life. Each Griffin radiator is reinforced with a special high temperature epoxy that provides additional tube to header strength and helps prevent vibration failure. This process is Q-1 approved by Ford Motor Company, one of the toughest quality standards in the industry.

A True Manufacturer (ISO 9001: 2015 Certified)
Almost anyone can buy components and assemble a radiator, and the truth is that many so-called manufacturers do just that. Griffin is an integrated manufacturer. By controlling every step of the manufacturing process, we produce a radiator with components that are performance matched for optimum cooling. A Griffin is more than some off-the-shelf, one size fits all, cookie cutter product. A Griffin is a performance radiator built for your specific industrial or automotive application.

Whatever your need

Radiators for racing, street rod, classic, muscle, exotic, or late model cars and trucks. Griffin has your radiator in inventory or can build it to your exact specifications. Griffin is the only manufacturer that maintains templates of virtually every car or truck, make and model. Your Griffin radiator is truly a performance radiator, not an adaptation of an OEM product. In most cases it is a direct fit, bolt-in replacement that is made to fit your vehicle, although sometimes requiring modifications due to core thickness.