Low, medium and high-volume manufacturing capabilities along with rapid prototyping make Griffin Thermal Products the perfect choice for the small business owner or major industrial and OEM companies. Whether it is air, oil, fuel, or water, we can design a package to meet your land-based needs. Contact our knowledgeable customer service staff to assist in identifying the correct part to fit your specific application and process your completed order to meet your Heavy Duty Radiator requirements.

Agricultural equipment
Construction equipment
Farming equipment
Forestry equipment
Mining equipment
Earth moving equipment
Concrete cutters

Compaction equipment
Skid steer loader equipment
Power Generation equipment
Stationary & mobile gen sets equipment
Remote lighting equipment
Maintenance equipment
Paving equipment

Street sweepers
Railway maintenance equipment
Fire and rescue equipment
Hybrid vehicles
Military equipment

Fuel cell vehicles
Warehouse and Manufacturing
Air compressors
Fork lift
Air brakes
Farming equipment