Let's get started by measuring 

Measure twice and cut build once - we promise it's the easier method.
Be sure to measure your current radiator and your available space. Width, length, thickness, and the distance from your fan, water pump, etc. are all important.
Download the measuring guide

Put in the time to do the paperwork

Please fill out the "Custom Radiator" template very carefully and include as much information as possible.
Once complete, simply email it or fax it to us and we'll get started.
The other option is to simply send us your original radiator. Our engineers will duplicate it and our fabricators will build your new unit.
Download Custom Radiator Template
Email us at sales@griffinrad.com or fax us at 1-864-845-5001

Give us a call to finalize

We will open up your project information and discuss it in detail over the phone to ensure accuracy and any items that may be of note.
At this time we will also address any feedback from our engineering team.
1-800-722-3723 or 1-864-845-5000

Wait patiently for your new custom creation to be delivered

Your new custom radiator will arrive on your doorstep in a few short weeks.
On average custom builds take two weeks or less to be completed.