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Griffin High Performance Dual Pass Universal Fit Aluminum Radiators
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When time is crucial and weight means everything, let a Griffin Aluminum Racing Radiator give your high-powered race car the advantage. Manufactured with lightweight aluminum technology, Griffin radiators are the choice of top racing motorsports professionals. Our aluminum racing radiators are designed in a wide variety of racing sizes for your needs and come with eitehr 1.00" ClassicCool or 1.25" MegaCool tube. The Griffin design incorporates open fin spacing that promotes air flow through the radiator to enhance the cooling and help eliminate clogging.

Griffin Universal Radiators are constructed of high grade aluminum to ensure flawless performance on and off the track. They are available with standard 1.00 ClassicCool tubes and oversized 1.25 MegalCool tubes for high performance applications. Several fittings and outlets are available for the perfect fit.