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Griffin LS Swap Performance Fit Aluminum Radiators

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To maximize the performance of your LS Swap you need a Griffin dual pass LS series radiator. Griffin LS Series of Radiators are designed to give high performance cooling and ease of installation to any LS Swap application. Our LS series cooling system is designed as the perfect solution for LS Swaps. Griffin Radiator has engineered a cross-flow dual pass unit with both the inlet and outlet on the passenger side to match LS I, II and III series engine configuration, where the radiator hoses come out on the right side of the engine. Having the shortest distance to and from the engine and radiator will maximize cooling ability and eliminate hose obstructions in the engine compartment. The new series offers superior

performance cooling

at an affordable cost.

Featuring Griffin exclusive


1.25 inch induction welded tubing, these products are capable of cooling some extreme horsepower. Modern style, universal, welded tanks provide

high performance

and D.I.Y. (do-it-your-self) style mounting brackets make installation a snap. Backed by the industries best two year warranty and no special coolant requirements these

PerformanceFit radiators

are at the top of their class.

Created for racing, engineered for performance, and perfected over the last 30 years,

Griffin radiators

are the best in the business. Stemming from the grass roots days of circle track racing, Griffin products are American made in Piedmont, South Carolina. Call us today 1-800-722-3723.

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