Product Process

At Griffin Thermal Products we take great pride in having an experienced engineering staff. We use the latest computer software available to model your project from concept to production. Along the way we can evaluate your product with the use of thermal dynamics and computational fluid dynamics to ensure efficiency. The end result is the most efficient product available for your specific cooling needs.Griffin products are on the forefront of cooling technology. With the assistance of our computerized thermal dynamics and flow analysis software we have been able to engineer the individual components of our products to maximize their performance.

Tube Design
Through this research such products as Griffin MegaCool tubing and Griffin ExtremeCool tubing have been created. These new tubing sizes are quite possibly the biggest advancement in aluminum radiator technology to date.

Tank Design
Griffin tank designs have also been improved as a result of our advanced research. Identifying hot spots, low flow and high flow locations, and turbulation points are all part of our engineering process.


Products Engineering Quality Capabilities