Griffin™ Radiator Limited Warranty

Griffin Thermal Products, Inc. (GTP) warrants its aluminum radiators and oil coolers to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of:
• Thirty (30) days from the date of purchase at retail for racing products by the original purchaser. (Series “1” and “2” Part Numbers)
• One (1) year from the date of purchase at retail for custom products by the original purchaser. (Series “9D” Part Numbers)
• Two (2) years from the date of purchase at retail for catalog products by the original purchaser.

This warranty is extended only to the first purchaser of any such radiator at retail from an Authorized Griffin Distributor. First Retail Purchaser has 30 days from shipping date to examine the part and submit any claims outside of performance claims. Please direct all warranty claims through your Authorized Griffin Distributor. Improper claims received by Griffin Thermal Products will be referred back to the original Distributor.
If a Griffin radiator is used in any racing application, its warranty is considered null and void.

This warranty does not cover labor or materials not manufactured by GTP. All shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and are not covered by this warranty. Radiators repaired or altered by parties outside GTP are not covered by this warranty. The retail purchaser is responsible for the appropriate installation, application and use of the product. Claims for internal damage of the engine, components or user's vehicles are not covered by this warranty. It is the responsibility of the GTP product user to monitor engine operation and have proper detection devices installed to warn the user of overheating.

GTP shall not be responsible for injury or harm to persons and/or property caused by persons or vehicles using our products.

The purchaser's remedy for breach of this warranty, exclusive of all other remedies provided by law, is expressly limited to repair or replacement of any part or parts. All products to be returned for warranty consideration must be returned to GTP with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, all transportation expenses prepaid. Upon receipt of the product, GTP will examine the product to determine its condition and validity of the claim.
If a consumer does not prevail in an action based upon breach of warranty, consumer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and associated expenses to GTP for that action.

Griffin™ Radiator Limited Warranty (cont.)


Radiators or products received, which were damaged in shipping, should be refused, immediately reported to the shipping carrier as damaged, and claims of damage filed accordingly. Contact the transport carrier (Fed Ex, UPS, trucking line, etc.) for procedures in filing a damage claim with the carrier or their agent. Do not return the item(s) to GTP.



1. Electrolysis
Stray electrical current flowing into or out of any parts of the cooling system
2. Repairs
Repair work not performed by Griffin Thermal Products
3. Stripped Threads
Stripped threads on engine oil coolers, transmission oil coolers, drain cocks or temperature sensor connections
4. Physical Damage
Damage from collision or accidents
Damaged Connections
Fin damage due to improper removal from shipping carton or other mishandling
5. Physical or Chemical Properties
Failure due to water, steam, liquids or other gases used in the radiator
6. Improper Installation or Maintenance
Obvious abuse, improper installation or maintenance
7. Over-pressurization
Ballooned tubes or other damage from faulty radiator cap (do not exceed 18lb cap) or engine exhaust leak (such as from a faulty head gasket)
8. Improper Mix of Coolant and Water
Damage from other than 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water
Not using distilled water
Note: For racing radiators, other than 100% distilled water
9. Improper Fan Installation
Damage from any type of fan installation not performed by Griffin thermal Products